Well, what exactly is Self-care?

If I'm putting it simply, Self-care is about loving yourself. if you've read my previous posts you know I'm not the biggest fan of the corny side of therapy, but this corniess is crucial to your daily functioning. It's about taking the time to do what makes you solely happy. Your 'self-care time' should be about forgetting everything you have to worry, stress and complain about and instead bring you to the present moment to appreciate it. Self-care is about replenishing as well as feeding your mind, body and soul.

I often push vacations to the back burner, I think too much about leaving my babies (my pets, yes they are my babies) at home. I think too much about leaving work and not being 'in control' of what's going on there. Honestly, when it really comes down to it, I tend to think of all the reasons I don't deserve to be taking a vacation. These thought processes have lead me to not take a vacation in two years and I thought I didn't really need one until I was away. There's always going to be excuses let them go and just go for it.

This past vacation I took really gave me a perspective about how necessary it is to get away for my job, for my relationship and ultimately for myself. 

Many of you day in and day out give yourself to the people around you. Many of you give yourself to your work. you're being torn left and right to do more and more and to always try and excert yourself as much as humanly possible. I was taught to work, work harder and when you think you've worked can always work more. As I got older I realized that nothing works if i'm not finding time to enjoy myself and to just be happy.

When's the last time you took a day for yourself, a week, or made a reoccurring day in which you called it 'your day'?  

Self-care is something that is ridiculously important for you to grow and keep a healthy physical, mental and emotional state. 

Being away allowed me to step back and realize how much I was neglecting in my own personal life. It gave me insight into what's significant in my life, what's important to my happiness and how I can continue to grow and become a better person for myself.

Here are a few reasons you need to start incorporating Self-care into your life...

Who are you? I mean seriously...who are you? Self-care allows you to get to know the real you. In the end, the deepest relationship we should have is with ourselves. Start to appreciate the quality alone time you spend with yourself instead of running away from it. Knowing what you want and how you feel about yourself is vital to being happy. Allowing you to give yourself Self-care will open you up to new experiences, understand who you are and what it takes to feed your soul to help it grow (soul-the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regardedas a distinct entity separate from the body.)

Managing your stress. I always realize when I'm not giving myself the Self-care I need because I notice I get stressed out at the simplest things. You can handle way more than you think when you are taking care of yourself. However, you can't handle a lot of things when you are constantly pounding yourself with everything you have to do and not giving yourself time until it's all done. Therefore, stop...give yourself time for you and realize that all your stuff (literally and figuratively) is going to be there when you get back

Doing what you want allows you to be more efficient in your work life. Work can be exhausting on your overall well-being. There are times when you might start to question why you're doing what you're doing. You could become bitter and resentful which then could bleed into your personal life. You could start to become angry and develop a negative headspace because work is depleting your happiness. Giving yourself Self-care will help you understand that your work is needed to reward yourself and allow you to do things you want to do. Self-care will allow you find balance between work life and your personal life. I highly suggest you take a look and see if you're working your life away because time is fleeting, realize when your mental health is at stake and your work is consuming you. (If you're extremely unhappy with work I would recommend seeking professional help to take the next steps to finding a new job and/or talking it out.)

Start living the way you want to live. What's all the working anyway if you don't enjoy what your working for? What exactly are you working towards? For me personally, I work to help others achieve a better quality of life and outside of work I just want to live and get as much as I can out of this life. Each person has their own individual journey, stop comparing yourself...your others and just live it. Start taking the days you need for you. You can live your life the way you want to live, you just have to find out what that way is and Self-care helps you achieve that.

Self-care days look like whatever you need them to look like. Do things for yourself and whatever makes you genuinely happy. Give yourself those days to be completely selfish. This day is directed towards you. Self-care can definitely feel uncomfortable at first, but trust the process and I'm telling you'll be happy with the rewards.


Self-care is essential to living a balanced, happy life. It's about saying to yourself that it's ok to be selfish. self-care allows you to realize the importance of living and working. It can also give you a different perspective on things that can aid in your happiness.

Self-care gives you the time to stop, relish in this life and actually live it.


For those interested in my vacation DESTINATION read below... 

Rick and I stayed in a king size bed at our own personal villa in Tulum, Mexico at Soliman Bay called Villa Sueno Del Mar (click the link to see their instagram.) The Villa has 5 bedrooms which means you can get a group of friends/couples together and enjoy a week away by yourselves. This vacation is not for those who want the resort feel instead it's catered more to your personal needs. When I go away I want privacy, peace and quiet and to almost feel like nothing exists except the present moments I'm in. This vacation did all that and more...

To be honest with you, I felt like a queen the entire week and I was basking in it. We were given a personal chef who took care of all three meals throughout the week and I took full advantage by asking for guacamole and salsa daily for a snack (it was the best guacamole and salsa I have ever had, I gotta say.)

The villas are on a secluded bay where you basically get your own 'beach front' with hammocks tied up along the palms trees. Our villa came with snorkels, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards. Obviously Rick and I utilized each and every amenity that the villa came with. The villa comes with it's own inground pool which was great to lounge around in if we weren't in the bay. A bartender was constantly taking care of drink orders throughout the day. You can take a taxi or set up a driver to take you into town where you can shop, get something to eat or simply walk around. Throughout your vacation you can also set up excursions to do. 

This was by far one of the best vacations I have ever been on. Rick and I really enjoyed all the beauty around us while having so much fun. We were treated with the utmost care from all the staff. The time away was mind-opening and relaxing and I highly recommend you looking into this spot as your next Self-care destination. I'll defintely be going back!

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