Bad Days Happen

No matter how positive you are as a person there are those days when you wake up and just feel off.  Like the weather, we can shift emotions and moods day to day...

[emotions and moods are two different states of being: emotions- state of mind based on mood and ones' current circumstances, mood- temporary state of mind]  

Some days are just gloomy & gray and sometimes you don't even know why.  Here are some tips from me on how to deal with these down in the dump days.

Music- I love music, ever since my Uncle gave me my first cassette which was Frank Sinatra [yes it was a cassette!]...I fell in love with what music can do for your soul.  It's also scientifically shown if you listen to 'feel good' music that your mood will lighten up.  The same goes if you're really down and continue to listen to super sad music.  The music you choose to listen too will parallel how you wish to express your emotions.

Animals- On these bad days, cuddle with your animals or pets...even a random one will do! [just make sure you ask first] Many therapists use animals for therapy due to their positive effects on behaviors with clients.

Writing- JOURNAL!...I can't say this enough, I tell every client to try it out and if it's not for them, try something different, but you don't know unless you try.  Sometimes when we write the words that are in our head it helps with catharsis [the process of releasing strong or repressed emotions].  Journal about how you are feeling and what you are thankful for in the day.  The more you write, the better your mood will be daily.

HAPPY PLACE- Do something you love!...when I feel 'blah,' I take Josie [my doggie] for a walk on the beach, feeling the sand, listening to the ocean's waves, and the smell all remind me of how simple life truly is.  The beach always brings to my happy place.  


Some days you have to just 'be' and go through the bad days with an understanding that these off days will pass as the sun sets and rises on a new day. Not all days will be great and not all days will be bad, but with a few little tips from me, you can enjoy your life that much more.