Starve the ego, feed the Soul.

There are many different sides to me, yet people always place me as "the perfect happy girl," or maybe I put myself there wanting to be that girl.


I developed an eating disorder when I was entering college.  I was trying to be this idea of perfection and I learned it all leads you to a dark and very lonely void.  You can never have any of these addictions/disorders without giving up huge parts of your life.......

I'm not making this a sob story....I went through it, I struggled, I got out of it and today I haven't looked back.  I've stopped going that way and I'm moving forward. [corny, but so true! we cannot change the past because all we have is now]....sometimes I want to thank that girl for making it through the struggles.  Those struggles have molded and shaped me into the woman I am today. It's the reason I'm a Licensed Therapist....and I've found that to keep my 'sanity' and 'self-care' I need to get out of myself with helping others.  I 'starve my ego and feed my soul'.  Denying the demands of the immediate reactions to situations and to allow yourself to go on the journey and connect with what truly makes you whole.  No person can satisfy that need, you have to reach that find 'self-actualization' [the realization of fulfillment of one's talents' and potentialities' especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone].  Find you!