Living simply is a goal of mine that I've been slowly working daily to achieve.  With a simple life comes the ability to enjoy it and how it was meant to be enjoyed.  

Donate and declutter things from your life and slowly, but surely your mind will start to declutter as well.  

Letting go of people or stuff that doesn't inspire and empower you allows you to regain a true freedom and a true happiness which is not fueled by selfish motives.  We have to start finding our soul purposes in this life and with too much clutter in the way it makes it too hard.  When you realize what makes your soul happy without all the mess in the way then you're on your way to a simpler life!

Hey! treat yourself the end it isn't that simple [ha], but with the right motivation and daily self-work you got it!


Fashion Tip: Part of my simplifying journey is simple style choices which means more time for a peaceful mind....I want more time to enjoy the bigger things that matter, not my outfit, less is more.