Interwoven, Asbury Park.

Interwoven is a spot I originally went to shop....and shop some more.  I even worked there for 5 seconds until sadly, therapy took over, but I'm still hoping I still have a spot there whenever my shopping habit leaves Rick and I broke [ha]....wait, that's not a joke.

Bianca owner and operator along with some really rad chicks became my friends and now I stop in there to talk first and then to shop [it's too hard not too!] I'm thankful that there's people like them around, people who not only make me feel that more creative and allow me to feel good about where I shop, but an audience for me when I suddenly I think I can be a comedian....and when my undiagnosed ADD acts out.

Find those people that you can be around and make you want to be better, work harder, and take yourself less seriously, because in the end laughing can improve overall mood [there are indeed facts, look it up!]  So next time you feel upset or down in the dumps just watch or do something funny or stupid, laugh at yourself and you'll feel that much better...and that's not just corny therapy talk, that's backed up by science! 

If you're in Asbury Park, New Jersey get your ass to Interwoven.  Do it to support people with the courage to take the steps to open their own business and do it while slaying the game.  Hey! You might even get lucky and see Roxy [brown] and Lola [white] on your visit in.  Super thankful for you guys!