Feel yourself.


After you’ve read part one, Worth, you will find out that I didn't always enjoy flaunting this body until the last couple of years.  I absolutely love my body now. I mean hey, I have my days, but I’m content.  

Taking care of your body should be a part of your daily routine.  Each person has their own ways of taking care of themselves, but here are a few of my tips:


Balance.  I eat what I want.  I eat when I'm hungry, and I really don't eat when I'm not hungry [I try to really ask myself if I’m hungry out of boredom or because I’m actually hungry].  I try to incorporate vegetarian and vegan options for beneficial reasons.

My sister [this beauty with the curly blonde hair] is working her way up to be a Registered Dietitian and she’s learned [among many other things] that seafood, meats, and cheeses make your kidneys work extra hard to filter the sodium content and other compounds along too. It is completely fine and healthy to eat these options [unless you have allergies, intolerance's, beliefs, etc.], but plant based products are much easier for the kidneys to filter out, and you get just as much protein from lentils, legumes, beans, and rice which help regulate your blood sugar, promoting stability.  

It's all about moderation!

As for a specific diet…I can't be on a 'diet'.  My sister [also known as my best friend and sometimes older sister ha!] yells at me that what you eat IS your diet.  My sister eats everything and anything and I've learned from my future Registered Dietitian how to eat [any diet related questions let me know and I'll ask her, leave a comment below!].  Going on a diet creates restriction. The catch is that restriction can lead to wanting what your withholding more than ever before. If I feel like I want something, I have it.  For instance, after dinner some nights...most nights…[cough, cough] I have dessert.  I try and stick to serving sizes [but REALLY!?...2 small muffins?] sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  I try to eat 'mindfully' at every meal which has been shown to promote slower eating and allows you to feel the sensation of being satisfied and content with your meal.  Here’s a cool little read by Huffpost, Mindful Eating: 5 Easy Tips to Get Started.

Vitamins.  I am the queen of skincare and vitamins! I do my research on products and find out the details.  I've been keeping my regimen really simple.  I’ve been happy about Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women.  It has great ingredients from real whole foods and it's affordable.   Other than that, I take a skin, hair and nail pill and in the winter I take a Vitamin D pill.  

Water. Drink Water!  Your body is about 65% water therefore, you must replenish it.  I can't tell you enough ever since I religiously started drinking water, how my body has changed inside and out.  Read this article about the importance of drinking water, I mean it's science based people, 7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water.  As for other drinks, sometimes I’ll have a ‘natural soda’, I’ll have seltzer with lime/lemon or kombucha.  One of my absolute favorite kombuchas is made by LIVE,  they have this Root beer kombucha that is dyno-mite [try it! I get it at Wegmans].

Exercise.  I need to work out!  It allows me to have what I call, 'Becky time.'   This time is where I just focus on me; my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings.  It’s a chance for me to put everyone aside and do something that solely benefits me. It's what we call in the therapy world, 'self-care'.  Everyone needs their own self-care because it is something that’s purely, selfishly for you.  It allows us to take care of ourselves for the benefit of others as well.  Hey, if you need to call out form work because you need a 'self-care' day, well there is absolutely no shame in that game! DO IT! [we’ll get more in-depth with self-care in the future].

Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, manifesting a positive feeling in the body which is a natural high! Exercise also helps to elevate any anxiety that comes up for me.  I try and work out my body 5X a week.  I do 3 classes at Coastal Core Fitness in Belmar, NJ.  This class is always pushing my body to it's limits using the Lagree Method and I love it! Try it out, I promise you won't regret it!  

I try to mix up my cardio and do one spinning class a week at Tandem in Long Branch/Manasquan, it helps keep my body from reaching a plateau [which is when you consistently do the same workout routine week after week and your body adapts].  The class is high energy, fun and I can push myself there.  

The owners of these workout studios are local business owners.  They're great people and they've made such a terrific community. Support them and try a class out!

Lastly, I'll make sure I have one strength training day with some cardio.  I'm looking to attain muscle definition for the strength of my body and my mind.  So for me, I use lifting as a therapeutic workout.  Lifting presses you to push your limits.  Situations I experience I use when working out to help me let out any frustration or stress while getting a sweat on!  

In the end, my diet, my workout schedule and class selection works for me. You need to find your own routine.  I get bored and tired of running.  I also have knee issues that run in my family's genetics, so what I do helps me with obtaining muscle definition and getting lean which is more what I care about...not losing weight.

Own it!  You were given one body.  Do what you can to better it and help it age gracefully, but love it.  Dress your body how you see fit. Personally, I love a more simplistic look lately because I am an outrageous human being, so my personality is flair by itself.  Love your curves, if you have them, love your thin frame if you have that, whatever you have...love it and if you want to change it, you can.  Push your limits.  I hate it, but when I workout I try to make myself uncomfortable because that means change is happening...you develop yourself when uncomfortability sets in.  

I think some people see me a certain way because I’m confident. I know I love myself and there’s no shame in that!   Feel sexy and be able to show off what you want without caring what people think, like I keep telling you, those people don't matter.  

Last, but certainly not least. Get Sleep!  I can't get less than 7 hours of sleep or I'm a walking nightmare, and as fun as I am, I can also be an awful human being without enough sleep.  There’s a good amount of benefits from sleep...do you know them all? Check out and see,  11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep.  Get your rest...I get it not only for myself, but for others!


Do more for yourself and for your body.  I’m not just saying to take care of your body to look good, but for the mind-body connection. When you take care of yourself...eating wholesome food and food for the soul and exert effort to push your limits...then you can start to change, for the better..for yourself.

Go on and feel yourself!